Reversing Sprawl

Today, I felt like taking a walk towards the city to see the routes and what kind of things our future residents and stakeholders would encounter. It’s not the safest or prettiest walk and it took me 9 miles and 3 hours to reach the closest coffeehouse (one that has food and wifi). This is acceptable. 

What I can’t accept is that I saw no other people on the sidewalks or paths for the entire 9 miles. This was a beautiful sunny Saturday too. Folks, this is a symptom of ‘sprawl development’.

I’m excited to say that Austin Live|Work is innovating on ways to defeat sprawl so that we can enjoy more independent yet connected networks. Stay tuned!

One thought on “Reversing Sprawl”

  1. Your comments reminded me of Dr Richard Jackson, the UCLA public health expert and pediatrician who has been supporting the “Designing Healthy Communities” initiative. He visited Corpus Christi, my hometown, back in August, and has appeared in a very well produced series on PBS
    As a health care professional myself, I see the need for designing healthy behaviors into daily life as essential to turning the tide of chronic illness in our society. Thoughtful, creative, passionate projects such as Austin Live/Work/Learn (lifelong learning is fundamental to health & wellness) will be crucial to the change that needs to happen in this arena. Good on ya’ll!!

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