Our Indiegogo campaign – Enjoy a tiny house stay in Austin for an unbelievable low price of $50 a night

Share and support your local tiny house community at Austin, Texas. Here is our Indiegogo campaign:


Here is your chance to rent a tiny house for half the market rate and be within 15 minutes of downtown Austin,Texas, and yet be in a countryside setting within a caring, supportive, resource-sharing community. We are located a short 15 minutes walk or half a mile from the main entrance to the Circuit of the Americas where the F1 race track and 360 Amphitheatre concerts are located. We are also just six miles south of the Austin Bergstrom International Airport.

The costs

You will be asked to book a minimum of 5 nights for your starting contribution of $250 which comes to $50 rent a night. Each additional $50 will add an additional night’s stay. You are free to divide these nights into more than one stay. However, there is a minimum stay of two nights each time.

The cost of the tiny house is $48,000. We would need just a total of 192 people to sign up for this brilliant opportunity to come into fruition. Actually, 192 people sign up, the offer is gone!

Risks and Challenges

The tiny house will come with a composting toilet which is super friendly to the environment. It will have a fully functional kitchen and bathroom equipped with a shower stall. We are also a pet-friendly community so bring your beloved pets for the stay at no extra charge.

Once the target is met, it will take two to three months to build the tiny house. In the order you sign up, you will be given priority to pick the dates you want to stay after the tiny house has been built. Your stay in Austin can be as relaxing or fun-filled as you like. Austin is a destination city with events happening nearly every day. You will wake up in an idyllic setting with birds chirping, look at the bright stars at night on a clear evening and vista of the Austin skyline at night towards the back of the property.

However, if the target is not reached, your contributions for each $100 will be honored for a night’s stay in our existing Airbnb tiny house rental. This is still a great deal, especially, when it is an event weekend as prices for hotel rooms skyrocket during these days.

Come stay with us to experience what it feels like to live in a tiny house and also be part of a tiny house community. We own the property and we are here to stay. Despite the flexible funding goal, you can be assured that we will honor your contributions even if we do not meet the goal.

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