Latest addition to our tiny house community

The Alki from Seattle Tiny Homes arrived today from Seattle. It is a 24 feet tiny house with a walk-in bathtub. It has two lofts with a staircase for one and a foldable ladder to the smaller storage loft. The bathroom features a Nature’s Head composting toilet with a washer and dryer and a full size bathroom vanity sink.

Another special feature is that it has a solar powered mini split. As there is no battery backup, the solar panels on top of the roof complements the electricity.

This tiny house will be furnished, decorated and readied for Airbnb within a couple of weeks. Look out for the next update to see more of the inside and the link on Airbnb for the description.


If you are in the area, you are welcomed to come for a tour. We do charge $20 for a 45 minute tour which will go towards your first payment such as rent or other transactions with us. We have been inundated with requests and this is our way of making sure we spend our time with future residents and members of Austin Live|Work.

Live peacefully. Work productively. Learn continuously.

7300 Kellam Rd, Del Valle TX 78617

Work: 512-710-7007

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