Austin Live|Work is an innovative 10-acre land development for those wanting to live peacefully, work productively and learn continuously. We’re striving to become the future of private land and community development. Currently, we have 25 tiny houses on the property which makes us the busiest ‘tiny house community’ in the nation.

Austin Live|Work is the first of many projects. Please stay tuned for more Live|Work projects in the future that help to define the concept of community through entrepreneurship. Communities need the optimal mix of social and business synergy to thrive and it will take a lot of work and innovation to achieve this. Achievements like food security, optimal infrastructures and self-governing frameworks are some of the promising experiments we’re working on. Please visit the entrepreneurship page to see how to get involved.

We’re in Austin, America’s fastest growing city. This site was chosen for many reasons. Located on an improved Kellam Road with brand new sidewalks connecting us to other destination points; Circuit of the Americas, NLand SurfPark and other Highway 71 and SE Austin developments. Perched on a rolling plateau, fourteen miles from downtown Austin and a clear view of it’s skyline, we’re afforded the best of big city lifestyle with the unique opportunity to become independent of it. Being six miles from the international airport, we also have access to global markets with endless opportunities for entrepreneurs who think innovatively about development.

Austin Live|Work is more like a startup than an ‘intentional community’, although we do share similar values with many of them. Because we want to see more independent and responsible communities, experimentation with business models that create the core elements of a community (food, energy, education, security, etc.) are encouraged. The more this can happen, the easier it is to see a decentralized and distributed network of communities competing with the established grid for future development projects. We want to avoid being dependent on taxpayer-funded city development practices to provide us the essentials. It’s difficult to think of anything more powerful than being able to build, maintain and sustain your own community.

About us: We are a couple who were inspired to pursue our passion by creating a self-sufficient supportive community network, where we can continually improve with other like-minded people.

Some of the values for Austin Live|Work:

  • Community planning that allows maximum freedom for voluntary exchange
  • Scalable potential, where we create, invest or incubate in startups and cottage businesses.
  • Purposeful collaboration
  • Mentorship and apprenticeship programs
  • Open Source technology
  • Bridging the gap between offline and online learners
  • Recognizing living, working and learning patterns for our benefit
  • Non-institutional living for older adults
  • Regenerative land practices that reduce toxic living. If humans are healthy physically and mentally, they can see more opportunities
  • Utilizing both timeless and recession-proof skills and the latest technology
  • Sharing and passing on meaningful legacy through definiteness of purpose


Check out our contribution in the book ‘Turning Tiny’ starting on page 423!

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  1. Hi hello..just stumbled upon you. I’m curious about taking my kaleidoscope art on the road and looking to settle somewhere to grow my business. Maybe an artist residency?
    Please take a look at my art ..web site below and let me know if you’d be interested in hosting an artist event of some kind. Thanks, Steve


  2. We currently live in Houston in our tiny house. We’re looking for a new location to relocate are tiny house.


  3. Wait, are you living in a tiny house in Houston? I’ve been wondering where could a tiny home be placed in Houston. I’m working still and planing to retire in a couple of year in a tiny home community. Please let me know. Susana


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