Live Peacefully | Work Productively | Learn Continuously

Austin Live|Work is planning and designing a few acres for resident member living. We’re sorting through a lot of inquiries, so please check regularly for updates. We encourage you to inquire and apply through our contact page or at

We’ve found that one of the biggest challenges is finding a place to park tiny house on wheels (THoWs), particularly in city zoned areas or the greater ‘sprawl’ grid. Austin Live|Work seeks to redefine community planning and land development by offering solutions to these challenges and places for pioneering land and community development entrepreneurs.

Members are encouraged to think entrepreneurially, which can include various personal strategies, such as investing in themselves (e.g. learning new skills or living minimally to save and build capital).

Regarding the community, while we provide spaces for your THoW, we do not at this time sell any of the parking spaces. We also enjoy being a private community with agreements and membership dues. Currently, we offer month to month space rentals. At this time, we encourage THoWs over other structures because of both aesthetic and functional standards.

For our short term parking rates, our daily rates are $40 per day or $125 by the week.

We also encourage regenerative land practices for members, solid engineering and design practices and a common respect for other’s private property and business models. We love the idea of working together to integrate the best living, work and learning spaces and hope to bring in the highest quality people that have goals set in this direction.

We can only develop so much on this property, so it’s important to create a network willing to plan more responsible development. See the entrepreneurship page on how to make this happen.