Financing and Insurance

Tiny houses and niche communities are creating a need for standard services, such as insurance, legal and real estate.

Tiny House Financing And Loan Options From The Web

Tiny House Insurance

Grenz Insurance Agency

Grenz Insurance Agency will cover your tiny house and personal belongings in case of fire. Premiums are about $500 depending on where your tiny house is parked. Please check with the agency if your state is covered.



7 thoughts on “Financing and Insurance”

  1. I’m in the process of designing a tiny house and am looking to start building this coming year. What info I’m able to glean is scant, at best, and I’d like to know 1) if you have any lots available, and 2) how does one go about reserving, qualifying, etc….


  2. I intend to pay cash for the supplies and building of my tiny house. I hope to find a builder interested in building green and off the grid. What are you plans as far as rental of space to place the home or of outright sale of a space?


  3. I am a student seeking to take a break from my studies to build and live in a tiny house on a tiny house community for a few years. My parents may also choose to follow suit. I am not a resident of Texas; I live in Tennessee where there are currently no communities I can find. I have been interested in relocating to another state for a few years, and I love Texas so this might be a perfect opportunity for me. How much does it cost per month for a lot? What is your current availability? Thanks!


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