Live Peacefully | Work Productively | Learn Continuously

Whether it’s by applying timeless trades, getting your hands dirty in the soil, using the latest technologies or inventing new ones, Austin Live|Work values experience and critical thinking. Our belief is that it’s not enough to live peacefully and work productively.. we must learn why we want it and how to do it.

Learning by doing and through experience is important to us, so we encourage skilled teachers to host workshops for our community and mentors to help others find the path towards expertise. Since Austin is a destination point for a lot of travelers, we have extraordinary opportunities to connect with experts. Even short-term experiences with experts and mentors are helpful. You are encouraged to host a workshop if you feel it can build relevant skills, inform others about their field of work or attract more customers and clients.

Makerspaces, hackerspaces, rehearsal spaces.. well, we respect all kinds of productive learning spaces here at Austin Live|Work. An inspirational piece of information can be found in the classic book A Pattern Language. The chapters called ‘Network of Learning’ and ‘University as a Marketplace’ apply, since this is close to what we want to build. If not feasible in the first project, then it’s a goal for future ones.

As you’re probably aware, new kinds of ‘network of learning’ are emerging, such as peer-to-peer and collaborative platforms. We are excited about using these technologies to innovate on learning and mentor spaces. One goal for Austin Live|Work is to develop an online more relevant curricula based on the patterns we find. The lean startup method and growth hacking fit in well with our learning philosophy.

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